DIY Rebranding Tips

In today’s home furnishings environment, it is all about getting attention from overloaded consumer eyeballs. People on average look at 3000 webpages a month and approx. 100 a day. That is a huge amount of information.

So…how does one narrow the field?

Use Digital Content in Three  Important Ways:

Advocate: Let the consumer know that you have their needs “top of mind” via ENGAGING CONTENT.

Educate: EDUCATIONAL CONTENT that helps people learn while solving problems. This builds affinity to you and your company.

Socialize: Live and in-person plus online through social media and GREAT CONTENT! Make friends.

Spread the Good Words About You and Your Company!

Google Search-Bing/MSN-and Yahoo and Their Ever Growing Suite of Tools

Syndication of Customized Digital Content & Press Releases Via High Authority Online Newswire Affiliates of NBC CBS, Fox, Wall Sreet Select, etc. Also, Webwire,Newswire and PRNewswire.