Authority is the Bait Needed to Get Caught in the Digital Ocean

Granted…having a beautiful website that is oooh la la is a wonderment to those who actually see it. Otherwise, it is like have a splendid billboard on a dirtroad…no one sees it.

So, how do you differentiate yourself and your product offerings in the digital ocean. How do you “get caught” or “picked” as Marketing Home Furnishings’ Digital Advocate, Linda Carey says.

Get Personal Today!Simply Put”, building ones’ authority online is the key. Great content is the ultimate bait for “all things google” and it loves for you to educate your audience. Your search engine rankings will always go up with great content that ‘adds value” to others.

Content is then placed in “high authority” online newswires and is visible direct to consumers or other business participants.

Syndication of “built-to-last authority” content gets  you name squarely placed on the “market watch-financial” pages of many national major news networks including affiliates of CBS, NBC, Fox, Wall Street  Select and Worth…just to name a few.

Furthemore, as a client of Marketing Home Furnishings, you are educated in specific ways as to how to “repurpose” your content and continue to maximize your investment.  There is no need to ask for copyright permission reprinting rights, etc.

Your authority continues to build as you share your good press via links to various social sites which help you to “stand out” in the digital ocean. Consumers of your authority articles will then be more likely to check out your site, thus creating much needed traffic.

Summarily, they start to “pick you” because of the bait that you threw into the ocean for them to find.


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