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The age old question from retailers used to be “how do I drive more in-store traffic?”.

Now, this question includes, “how do I drive more traffic to my online website.”.

Whether you are a traditional home furnishings retailer, a lifestyle store or an interior designer with a retail showroom, everyone is interested in finding new consumers.

Yes, of course, there are many ways to try and reach consumers via, billboards that have web urls,  local publications that feature your phone, twitter and facebook links,  your retail store windows direct marketing with incentives, and literally all kinds of print media.

With all of the aforementioned options, it is no wonder people are confused. However, here are two specific FAST ways to get engagement with your prospects and to build solid relationships with current customers.

Two Short Answers:

1.Videos! 60 second videos  that engage the consumer in powerful ways via great story telling, education and advocacy. Check out Lazy Boy’s great story telling video which is an amazing blend of nostalgia that brings the quintessential Lazy Boy recliner into the 21st Century living room with chutzpah. The “old” becomes “new” again.

2.Mobile applications that expand your reach as you find consumers wherever they roam……and on their terms. Cities and towns now have mobile apps that are “free” and  offer retail webpages on the host site. Residents and visitors alike can identfy our store and “opt in” via the  mobile app. Also for approx. 10k, you can have your own mobile app build that you own and host on your private server.


While “to the trade” print media is prolific and High Point is replete with fabulous publications, the home furnishings industry professionals consume this media. While you may get great ideas about products, designs, etc. it truly does very little to attract people to your store.

Here are some samples of top rated mobile apps that consumers love to use featured by Elle Decor online.

Best wishes in the choices that you make!

The  Marketing Home Furnishings Advisor


Winning in Retail Hiring For High Point Market Retailers 2016

“Winning” is a big word in 2016 with the imminent Presidential election. Retailers across the country struggle with the “revolving door” of staff especially in the high rent areas like New York and San Francisco.

Winning involves successfully identifying, recruiting and training staff. These are activities which are essential yet comprise a huge time sync.

Many retailers are not schooled in how to truly identify the best hire. They often need some “refreshment” insights in order to find new ways to look at candidates. While they may know what “feels” like the best fit, there are specific tools that can help them refine their process and make it “spot on”.

How do you define the “best fit”?  Marketing Home Furnishings encourages retailers to always be on the “hunt” for motivated talent. Many times retailers make “desperation hires” and this rarely works out and proves to be a very costly strategy. No question that this is one alternative to having no one on the retail floor but, again, can be very, very expensive in time and money.

Marketing Home Furnishings finds a kindred spirit in Shane Spiller, a retailer who “lays it out” from experience and encourages retailers to sort for “passion”. We agree that this particular attribute is significant in an employee.

For more read….

Is Your Retail Hiring in the Toilet?

Beyond “passion”, what other key attributes are mission critical?

Performance Review Score Measurement Level 3d Illustration

Below are Five Important Aspects that Retailers Need to Study and Pay Attention to in Interviews with prospective hires.

Ability to Focus: Needs to be able to focus on the demands of the moment).

Follow up: Does what they commit to do

Conceptual Analytical Abilities (allows one to “think on their feet” with customers).

Distractibility: Retail hiring authorities need to discern if an individual is so distractible that they cannot actually perform the required tasks of the job in an appropriate amount of time.

Communication Style: Is this person an individual who is sharp toned and shows “crital affect”, anger or frustration easily? Conversely, is the person a more “positive” communicator?

There are diagnostic scouting assessments that can help a retailer figure all of these interpersonal and attentional dimensions out. These assessments can be used very successfully in figuring out the “best profile” for one’s retail environment as well identifying prospective candidates who fit the profile. In addition, diagnostic assessments can be used very successfully as a training and coaching tool for all employees.

For more information on how you can “win” with hiring at a cost you can afford;


Linda L. Carey Home Furnishings

Certified TAIS Assessment Specialists









Custom Mobile Applications and Small Business Benefits

Business owners need custom mobile apps to identify new prospects for their products and services. A customized mobile app built for your business functions differently than a responsive website.

Mobile ApplicationsCustomerlifecycle

One of the many features has to do with your ability to find the new prospects, make them an attractive offer and allow them to opt-in to your app. This way, you are building your list of prospects to whom you can market judiciously right from their mobile app.

Seriously, how much closer to the customer can you get?

Responsive websites are often clunky and require a completely new design to fit on a mobile screen.

Now…let’s talk about “free mobile apps”. Summarily, the Home Furnishings Advisor does not recommend them for a small business except for personal usage.Remember this adage, “If a mobile app is free, then you or your company are the products”. What this means is that other companies are likely to be using your company as part of their data stream and monetizing it in some way. There is clearly no benefit to you in this aspect. Granted, if you are comfortable using a free mobile app for various personal reasons,i.e, mobile health monitoring, etc., then that is fine. We just do not recommend them for your company.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps for Home Furnishings

Wishing you a great day!

Home Furnishings Advisor


Authority is the Bait Needed to Get Caught in the Digital Ocean

Granted…having a beautiful website that is oooh la la is a wonderment to those who actually see it. Otherwise, it is like have a splendid billboard on a dirtroad…no one sees it.

So, how do you differentiate yourself and your product offerings in the digital ocean. How do you “get caught” or “picked” as Marketing Home Furnishings’ Digital Advocate, Linda Carey says.

Get Personal Today!Simply Put”, building ones’ authority online is the key. Great content is the ultimate bait for “all things google” and it loves for you to educate your audience. Your search engine rankings will always go up with great content that ‘adds value” to others.

Content is then placed in “high authority” online newswires and is visible direct to consumers or other business participants.

Syndication of “built-to-last authority” content gets  you name squarely placed on the “market watch-financial” pages of many national major news networks including affiliates of CBS, NBC, Fox, Wall Street  Select and Worth…just to name a few.

Furthemore, as a client of Marketing Home Furnishings, you are educated in specific ways as to how to “repurpose” your content and continue to maximize your investment.  There is no need to ask for copyright permission reprinting rights, etc.

Your authority continues to build as you share your good press via links to various social sites which help you to “stand out” in the digital ocean. Consumers of your authority articles will then be more likely to check out your site, thus creating much needed traffic.

Summarily, they start to “pick you” because of the bait that you threw into the ocean for them to find.


Your Home Marketing Adviser

*Ask Us About a Complimentary Authority Marketing Assessment


Prognosticating Outcomes for Home Furnishings Retailers in 2016

Let’s face it folks, the reports on retail are not good starting the new year. Macy’s is laying off 4000 employees and it goes on from there. Is it all doom and gloom?

Just a moment, the real dip has been in apparel sales. If you are a home furnishings retailer and have scaled your business and aligned your purchases with your own local market demographics, you may feel encouraged. If you have found home furnishings accessories that are tantalizing to most any consumer purchasing demographic, then give yourself a pat on the back.

A good example is Global Views

Also, if you allow your customer to order online, and can ship to them, then this is a huge plus. Consumers are highly fragmented these days and overloaded with information and resources, albeit not “vetted” resources.  Therefore, building “trust” is pivotal.

This “trust”  allows new business development opportunities for smart, savvy retailers to get a leg up on the competition. The web and mobile web is no longer about just “engagement tool” but are “personalization” tools. This trend towards “personal touch” is not a news flash for great retailers who have been doing this all along…but the digital interace with consumers must follow along. This digital trend for “personalization” is just starting to uptick and you can get traction using your brains and ingenuity along with some good technology.

CustomerlifecycleAlso, here is a cold, hard fact, if your store features a “kitchen sink” catch-all with no clear identity to the consumer, how can they know what your store offers them. If you  have never done any web analytics to see what consumers are searching for online in your geographic location, avoid social media like the plague, or  have not updated your shopping experience via digital engagement with custom mobile apps or  a mobile responsive website, then, yes, you may have a challenging year.

Google search results are now skewed to mobile responsive websites effective last April of 2015.  Unlike a “mobile responsive website”, a custom mobile app built on the IOS or Android platform can help you locate and identify new customers who may actually be shopping down the street or a few blocks away. Retailers can also create push notifications for these prospects once they have “signed on” and build a relationship with them. Suffice it to say, there are a bezillion ways to engage them and get them to order with you “in-store” or “online”.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps for Home Furnishings

Think about the shifting demographics of consumers who are purchasing and what they are seeking. Baby Boomers are “downsizing” home furnishings and need portability and mobility options. This means throwing out the old and getting the new models to help them “age in place”. Baby Boomers are also spending a ton on condos and vacation homes vs. the “homestead” per say where they reared their children. Now they simply want to have fun with their friends and entertain their grandchildren. How might you elicit a response from these retirement folks who have discretionary income to spend with you?

Another niche is the “acquiring” Gen X’ers, Gen Y’ers and Millennials

. They are having babies, working and taking care of “mom and dad” in some cases. How might you purchase home furnishings that simplify life for these consumers?

Summarily, my future prediction for home furnishings stakeholders is bright in 2016 is this “do the right things right”, i.e., determine your identity, find out who is looking for what in your geographic area, where they are spending their money and coming up with creative solutions to attract and personalize their shopping experience using technology.

If you do these things, no matter whatt, you will have a very good chance to make a profit this year.

Summarily, the future of 2016 looks bright for those who “do” versus those who “don’t”. You can take this prognostic statement for 2016 to the bank!



Marketing Home Furnishings High Point Report-High Point-Past

Checking it Out! High Point Past-2014

Upon arrival at the High Point market, I was a bit concerned that the show traffic seemed somewhat diminished compared to the October market or Spring market 2013.  Of course, as I know from my own  home furnishings and giftware exposition experiences,  it is not the number of people who show up but the quality of orders that are written which make or break a market for individual manufacturers. So deferring to the age old axion,”quantity does not connote quality”, I set off to “see what I could see and hear”  through engagement with participating manufacturers,  old friends, new acquaintances and former vendors.

So…what did I see?

Global Views and Studio A,  decorative accessory and accent furniture companies, continue to delight their prospects and customers. Their ability to magnetize the customers with their  alluring designs, trendsetting expressions of color and “perceived value” is unsurpassed by any manufacturer in this space.  While I only got to wave at Frederick (one of the owners) as I passed by and through the showrooms, I hope my affirming “wave, smile and nod” gave him the only message he really needed from me.

Phillips Collection showcased extraordinary artistically engineered museum quality  home “statements” which incorporate natural earth elements. “Eye catching” and “unique” are two words that describe Phillips’s global assortment of home furnishings. While I missed their “always great” cocktail soiree I was invited to attend (as usual)  this year, rumor has it that it was the “piece de resistence”.  Jason Phillips, an owner, is one great guy to do business with in High Point. Check them out here.

Oh, my visit to Chandra’s classy new showroom was a “be still my heart moment”. While always attracted  by the wonderful natural fibers and color stories of Chandra’s area rug offering,  I was stunned by their new show suite. Pandering pandered to minimalism, clean spaces and urban-chic designs  which now include furniture as well as their “always superb” area rugs. Walking into this showroom was like taking a fresh breath of air. Upon entry, I observed  an educational video introduction to Chandra displayed “easily” on the entry way wall. A  customer could relax in comfortable seating, have some refreshment and simply “inhale” while absorbing the “zen” of Chandra as a respite before or after their product search in large “shopping friendly rug vignettes”.   Oh, lest I forget… the opportunity for social expression and “sugar” were wedded  and all too  delightfully in a sophisticated room appointed with a chalkboard wall and stainless steel top island. Replete with candies in glass bowls for the taking, customers passing through stopped to write their sentiments on the chalkboard wall and to partake in some sweets.

Last but not least, I always enjoy seeing Ravi, the owner,  and I met his lovely new wife as well.  Never disappointed with Candra’s offering, I was, again, delighted with not only their product expression but their amazing environment, hospitality and warmth.

Introducing New Authority & Influence Services

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     “Authority Marketing is Good For Your Business”

Have you noticed that it is almost impossible to get ranked on Google if you are not investing  in Google Ad Words ?

Even if you are doing so, your authority will wax and wane based on how much your competition is willing to spend.

Why not do something different to help you with your influence and authority marketing?

 This will  set you above your competition in your town, community, nationally, etc.?