Winning in Retail Hiring For High Point Market Retailers 2016

“Winning” is a big word in 2016 with the imminent Presidential election. Retailers across the country struggle with the “revolving door” of staff especially in the high rent areas like New York and San Francisco.

Winning involves successfully identifying, recruiting and training staff. These are activities which are essential yet comprise a huge time sync.

Many retailers are not schooled in how to truly identify the best hire. They often need some “refreshment” insights in order to find new ways to look at candidates. While they may know what “feels” like the best fit, there are specific tools that can help them refine their process and make it “spot on”.

How do you define the “best fit”?  Marketing Home Furnishings encourages retailers to always be on the “hunt” for motivated talent. Many times retailers make “desperation hires” and this rarely works out and proves to be a very costly strategy. No question that this is one alternative to having no one on the retail floor but, again, can be very, very expensive in time and money.

Marketing Home Furnishings finds a kindred spirit in Shane Spiller, a retailer who “lays it out” from experience and encourages retailers to sort for “passion”. We agree that this particular attribute is significant in an employee.

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Beyond “passion”, what other key attributes are mission critical?

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Below are Five Important Aspects that Retailers Need to Study and Pay Attention to in Interviews with prospective hires.

Ability to Focus: Needs to be able to focus on the demands of the moment).

Follow up: Does what they commit to do

Conceptual Analytical Abilities (allows one to “think on their feet” with customers).

Distractibility: Retail hiring authorities need to discern if an individual is so distractible that they cannot actually perform the required tasks of the job in an appropriate amount of time.

Communication Style: Is this person an individual who is sharp toned and shows “crital affect”, anger or frustration easily? Conversely, is the person a more “positive” communicator?

There are diagnostic scouting assessments that can help a retailer figure all of these interpersonal and attentional dimensions out. These assessments can be used very successfully in figuring out the “best profile” for one’s retail environment as well identifying prospective candidates who fit the profile. In addition, diagnostic assessments can be used very successfully as a training and coaching tool for all employees.

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