Custom Mobile Applications and Small Business Benefits

Business owners need custom mobile apps to identify new prospects for their products and services. A customized mobile app built for your business functions differently than a responsive website.

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One of the many features has to do with your ability to find the new prospects, make them an attractive offer and allow them to opt-in to your app. This way, you are building your list of prospects to whom you can market judiciously right from their mobile app.

Seriously, how much closer to the customer can you get?

Responsive websites are often clunky and require a completely new design to fit on a mobile screen.

Now…let’s talk about “free mobile apps”. Summarily, the Home Furnishings Advisor does not recommend them for a small business except for personal usage.Remember this adage, “If a mobile app is free, then you or your company are the products”. What this means is that other companies are likely to be using your company as part of their data stream and monetizing it in some way. There is clearly no benefit to you in this aspect. Granted, if you are comfortable using a free mobile app for various personal reasons,i.e, mobile health monitoring, etc., then that is fine. We just do not recommend them for your company.

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Mobile Apps for Home Furnishings

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