Hot Topics: How to Market to Gen X and Gen Y, High Point Furniture Market

Yesterday at High Point Market I sat in on a great “hot topic” seminar delivered by Storis Corporation at the National Home Furnishings Association (NHFA), which is a great find at Market for anyone in this business and in retail.

The subject: Marketing to Gen X and Gen Y’ers.

Now I ask you, “Why you should care?” … Well as a “boomer” who also has heard a lot on this subject already, the message was still compelling.  I must say that I truly enjoyed hearing the presenters’ thoughts and seeing the data!

While many have made points about these generations throughout the years, the differentiating factor is technology and how these generations are literally incorporating it in to every facet of their lives and decision-making. While the presenter made the point that these “kids” are becoming Baby Boomer Mom-Dad-Grandparents’ tech navigators and consultants (a thought I find scary), there is a lot of truth to this premise. This is what makes the study of Gen Y’ers and Gen X’ers so fascinating!

I encourage all retailers to start the engagement process with these “friends,” and find out how they can serve you while you are serving them.

If you are planning to stay in the retail business for the next 5 to 10 years, these generations are your future. Meet them where they are hanging out….on Facebook and Twitter, of course!

While you can engage with them “on location ” at these spots, don’t expect them to leave for long to visit your website unless you have given them an authentic reason to “click and travel” and made it easy for them.  Your “Reason” might be a coupon, a contest, an entertaining video, or simply comprehension of their stated needs with an authentic solution. This is after you are deemed credible and likeable in their eyes and have earned your “Facebook Friend” stripes!

Making friends and effective relationship marketing in today’s world has definitely taken on a new dimension!  It involves engagement and interaction how, when and where your audience wants it… including with tech-savvy Gen X and Gen Y’ers.  Retailers who grasp the opportunities are going to be huge beneficiaries.
Reporting “live” from High Point North Carolina, the home furnishings capital of the world.