Hot Topics: Made in the USA- High Point Home Furnishings Market October, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011
High Point Furniture Market

HOT TOPIC – Quick Market Glimpse Reveals the following:
Made in the USA is back by popular demand!

In my opinion, this trend is driven by the following and is here to stay:

(1)The overarching fear of more job loss coupled with the fact that Americans are realizing the best place to find a helping hand is “at the end of your own arm.”  Big corporations do not hire the vast majority of Americans… small business does… and while big corporations are outsourcing work overseas, Small Business America is hiring and producing right here at home!

(2) The realization that along with the “good cheap stuff” consumers love, there is also a U.S.  marketplace replete with imports of poor quality and defective materials. Even food ingredients that have landed here from off-shore markets for consumer consumption have been questionable. (I reference infant formula and pet foods as 2 notable cases.) Another example in the home building business is toxic drywall.  Sick yet?

(3) The realization that we  always were and can remain innovators! Americans really make something here that has more intrinsic value!

Note: Monday High Point Market Reveals that “Sustainable Fashionistas” are demonstrating this market sustainability through regeneration of fabrics into clothing. Big event tonight sponsored by DeStripped Magazine will showcase the local designers who are innovating and regenerating. Good on them! Go to Market Square Courtyard tonight at 7 to 9 p.m. and join in with innovators who have a unique, creative spark!


Marketing Home Furnishings Reporter-On the ground in High Point Market!