Marketing Home Furnishings High Point Report-High Point-Past

Checking it Out! High Point Past-2014

Upon arrival at the High Point market, I was a bit concerned that the show traffic seemed somewhat diminished compared to the October market or Spring market 2013.  Of course, as I know from my own  home furnishings and giftware exposition experiences,  it is not the number of people who show up but the quality of orders that are written which make or break a market for individual manufacturers. So deferring to the age old axion,”quantity does not connote quality”, I set off to “see what I could see and hear”  through engagement with participating manufacturers,  old friends, new acquaintances and former vendors.

So…what did I see?

Global Views and Studio A,  decorative accessory and accent furniture companies, continue to delight their prospects and customers. Their ability to magnetize the customers with their  alluring designs, trendsetting expressions of color and “perceived value” is unsurpassed by any manufacturer in this space.  While I only got to wave at Frederick (one of the owners) as I passed by and through the showrooms, I hope my affirming “wave, smile and nod” gave him the only message he really needed from me.

Phillips Collection showcased extraordinary artistically engineered museum quality  home “statements” which incorporate natural earth elements. “Eye catching” and “unique” are two words that describe Phillips’s global assortment of home furnishings. While I missed their “always great” cocktail soiree I was invited to attend (as usual)  this year, rumor has it that it was the “piece de resistence”.  Jason Phillips, an owner, is one great guy to do business with in High Point. Check them out here.

Oh, my visit to Chandra’s classy new showroom was a “be still my heart moment”. While always attracted  by the wonderful natural fibers and color stories of Chandra’s area rug offering,  I was stunned by their new show suite. Pandering pandered to minimalism, clean spaces and urban-chic designs  which now include furniture as well as their “always superb” area rugs. Walking into this showroom was like taking a fresh breath of air. Upon entry, I observed  an educational video introduction to Chandra displayed “easily” on the entry way wall. A  customer could relax in comfortable seating, have some refreshment and simply “inhale” while absorbing the “zen” of Chandra as a respite before or after their product search in large “shopping friendly rug vignettes”.   Oh, lest I forget… the opportunity for social expression and “sugar” were wedded  and all too  delightfully in a sophisticated room appointed with a chalkboard wall and stainless steel top island. Replete with candies in glass bowls for the taking, customers passing through stopped to write their sentiments on the chalkboard wall and to partake in some sweets.

Last but not least, I always enjoy seeing Ravi, the owner,  and I met his lovely new wife as well.  Never disappointed with Candra’s offering, I was, again, delighted with not only their product expression but their amazing environment, hospitality and warmth.