Sustainable Furnishings Hot Topic: Design Legacy Launches ‘Goods Made Good’

Design Legacy’s “Goods Made Good”

A Truly Great High Point Market
“Hot Topic” In Sustainable Furnishings,
A Responsible Idea Whose Time Has Come!

I always knew I liked Kelly O’Neal from the first time I stepped foot in his showroom in High Point, when he welcomed me with a big smile and gracious handshake.  Now this man is now elevated to a Prince for “doing well doing good!”

With the launch of Design Legacy‘s new recycled pillow and upholstery line, Kelly is literally giving new life to cast away fabrics from Goodwill Industries which cannot be sold on their floor. Not only is Kelly now officially part of the sustainable furnishings movement, but the program also provides work for local populations of disabled people among other “employment compromised” groups.


Congratulations Kelly! I hope every consumer out there finds your products at their local retail store.

To all home furnishings retailers:  Please consider carrying and promoting Kelly O’Neal’s recycled pillow and upholstery line.


Linda L. Carey
Vibrant Business Today, LLC
Home Furnishings Veteran & Consultant
Internet Marketing Webinar Co-Leader

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Sustainable furnishings combined with employing the disabled …
Now that’s a win-win that can’t be beat!