Top Ways to Stand Out and Get Picked Online By Shoppers Today


Linda Carey-Sales & Marketing Pro

Say What You Mean
Mean What You Say


The age old question from retailers used to be “how do I drive more in-store traffic?”.

Now, this question includes, “how do I drive more traffic to my online website.”.

Whether you are a traditional home furnishings retailer, a lifestyle store or an interior designer with a retail showroom, everyone is interested in finding new consumers.

Yes, of course, there are many ways to try and reach consumers via, billboards that have web urls,  local publications that feature your phone, twitter and facebook links,  your retail store windows direct marketing with incentives, and literally all kinds of print media.

With all of the aforementioned options, it is no wonder people are confused. However, here are two specific FAST ways to get engagement with your prospects and to build solid relationships with current customers.

Two Short Answers:

1.Videos! 60 second videos  that engage the consumer in powerful ways via great story telling, education and advocacy. Check out Lazy Boy’s great story telling video which is an amazing blend of nostalgia that brings the quintessential Lazy Boy recliner into the 21st Century living room with chutzpah. The “old” becomes “new” again.

2.Mobile applications that expand your reach as you find consumers wherever they roam……and on their terms. Cities and towns now have mobile apps that are “free” and  offer retail webpages on the host site. Residents and visitors alike can identfy our store and “opt in” via the  mobile app. Also for approx. 10k, you can have your own mobile app build that you own and host on your private server.


While “to the trade” print media is prolific and High Point is replete with fabulous publications, the home furnishings industry professionals consume this media. While you may get great ideas about products, designs, etc. it truly does very little to attract people to your store.

Here are some samples of top rated mobile apps that consumers love to use featured by Elle Decor online.

Best wishes in the choices that you make!

The  Marketing Home Furnishings Advisor